Parody drawing of Harry Potter. The magical boy is wearing a grey cloak with a red and yellow scarf. He is standing to the left of a shadowy castle. He is farting. A visible fart is shown on the left of the boy. There is a partial moon shown obscured by clouds in the upper right. In front of the castle is the text "The boy who farted."
The Farting Magical Boy

Parody art of a certain magical boy. Drawn digitally for personal amusement. Frustrating story. It’s the year 2016. I tried to get this printed at a local Office Max so I could hang it in my art room. Office Max print center was like, “No. We can’t print that. It’s copyrighted.” I said it was […]

Derpy drawing of everyone's favorite yellow electric rat wearing a purple witch hat. It is yelling "Chu!"
You’re a wizard now!

I wonder what house it got into. What do you think? Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin?