Digital drawing of Andrew Eldritch from the band Sisters of Mercy. He is saying "I hear the roar of the big machine."
Sisters of Mercy

Through high school and my 20’s, I was big into listening to Sisters of Mercy. I still listen to them now. I used to draw a lot of pictures of Andrew Eldritch in my notes. His voice is like the perfect waft of dragon’s blood incense mixed with clove when you walk into your favorite […]

Mixed media Xenomorph face and shoulder. The Xenomorph has a speech bubble next to it with a heart in it. Clearly it is expressing it's love for the viewer.
Xeno Love

Mixed media Xenomorph. Drawn with black acrylic paint, pink marker, grey marker, black pen on white index card. Clearly it is expressing it’s love for the viewer.

Digital drawing of Godzilla bowling. Godzilla is a cute green dino looking cartoon with spikes on back. He is throwing a bowling ball down a wood lane. Above the drawing is the name Godzilla in written Japanese characters.
Godzilla Bowling

Digital drawing of Godzilla drawing. I made it for an art event that was Godzilla themed.

Digital drawing of drag queen Adore Delano with the words "I'm sorry I'm not sorry, not sorry" next to it.
I’m sorry I’m not sorry

Adore Delano is a drag queen who I first became a fan of from RuPaul’s Drag Race. A few good songs from Adore Delano Adore Delano’s website

Digital derpy fan art drawing of the electric yellow pocket monster.

Derpy art of everyone’s favorite electric rat.

Fan art digital art drawing of Stewie from Family Guy cartoon as a hybrid octopus/human baby. Instead of arms, he has 2 tentacles on each side.
Octo Stewie

I’m a big Family Guy fan. I started watching it when it was broadcast on TV. The show has so many references that are targeted at my age group. It is stuffed full of nostalgia. When I need a “background show” to listen to/watch while I’m drawing, this is one of my top three. Just […]

Parody drawing of Harry Potter. The magical boy is wearing a grey cloak with a red and yellow scarf. He is standing to the left of a shadowy castle. He is farting. A visible fart is shown on the left of the boy. There is a partial moon shown obscured by clouds in the upper right. In front of the castle is the text "The boy who farted."
The Farting Magical Boy

Parody art of a certain magical boy. Drawn digitally for personal amusement. Frustrating story. It’s the year 2016. I tried to get this printed at a local Office Max so I could hang it in my art room. Office Max print center was like, “No. We can’t print that. It’s copyrighted.” I said it was […]

Derpy drawing of everyone's favorite yellow electric rat wearing a purple witch hat. It is yelling "Chu!"
You’re a wizard now!

I wonder what house it got into. What do you think? Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin?

Digital drawing of Blink from the X-men from the shoulders up. To the right of her face is a word bubble where she is saying, "I finally got more face time in Age of Apocalypse!"

The first time that I read about Blink (Clarice Ferguson) was in “The Phalanx Covenant” back in 1994. It was one of those Marvel crossovers where you had to buy so many different comic titles to get the whole story. I remember going broke to get those. I was pretty invested in the story. SPOILERS […]

Derpy digital drawing of Fin from Adventure time looking emo.
Emo Fin

Drawing of Fin from Adventure time looking all emo and sad. I watched a ton of it with my friend Jennifer.